the star above

midnight doesn't last forever


. . . //

❝Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies...❞

hoping for the best but expecting the worst

aisling for stars
{ the star above }
Kelli | 22 | Sagittarius


I watch too much tv and too many awful movies. I make references no one really understands. I still ugly cry over Cutter dying. If Owen Harper and Chandler Bing had a love child, I would be it. I love hockey and baseball. I love food, desserts and cupcakes. You’re never too old for Disney or One Direction.

Current obsession(s):
One Direction

One day I hated them, the next I was sucked into their whirlpool and next thing I know, I'm in the fetal position crying about how much I really and truly love hate them.

Plus they're adorable and I think I hate all of their guts, genuinely.

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